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Application Form-2011

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Our objective is to reach out to the maximum number of children and help them discover their hidden creative talent and work constantly for the progress of such children.

With the motto of "Catch them young", we encourage children between age group of 9-16 to participate in our activities and bring out the hidden talent and creativity so that they not only acquire academic learning but also vocational proficiency, personal character and social values. It will help them make their own decision and gain vital experience and skills to lead them on the path of their future. We want to create a world where all children have hope and opportunity.

We work for complete personal development of children through free joyful and creative environment where children can discover their hidden talents and creativity.

We achieve our objection through many activities encompassing a wide spectrum of subject like science, Creative Arts and crafts, Integrated Activities, Performing Arts, Physical Education, and Publication Related Activities etc.

Our Objectives
  • Promote creativity among children.
  • Create leadership skills and scientific thinking.
  • Discover hidden skills and talent and shape them.
  • Teach moral values and culture.
  • Work as a centre where children between the age group of 9-16 can come and enhance their creativity.
  • A place where children can get all the necessary material required for their overall growth.
  • A place where children are free to express their views and do everything that makes them happy.
  • Promote awareness through electronic and print media regarding child violence and child rights.
  • To work for under privileged children.
  • Promote indoor and outdoor activities. Help children in their physical growth by installing swings, Provide Karate Training, Physical Fitness through Height Growth, Stretching, Aerobics, Weight training/lifting, Gym and other games.
  • Promoting hidden skills in the field of Sports, Arts through Drama, Stage Shows, Painting Competition, Singing Competition etc.
  • Provide facilities which are not available to children either at home or school.
  • Motivate children to be self confident and independent.
  • Provide meaningful contribution for the development of the society.