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Application Form-2011

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Process of Organising Camps
Selection of School
First of all some of the schools are selected for this purpose. The only criteria for this selection was school should be located in the area where in future our regular activity will be carried out. We have merged two to three schools running in the same campus for one camp since we required at least 75 to 100 children of class 6, 7 & 8 for one camp.
Camp Coordinator & Resource Person (Experts)
Four Resource person for four subject- Painting, Writing, Theater & Craft and a camp coordinator for overall coordination during the camp have been selected through a panel on casual basis.
Before joining the camp they have been briefed about our objective, strategy and expected out come. Even after their joining, just after finishing one camp we organise half day meeting with them in which they share their experience and on the basis of our overall experience we provide them feed back to organise next camp in a better way with better output. Apart from this we have formulated a list of roles and responsibilities for resource persons and camp coordinator separately which are fallowed by them.
Identification & Registration of Children :
First day of the camp first of all children were explained about the activities of the camp. After that we identify children for different subject through some activity. Then after their registration with the help of a Registration Form is made in certain subject on the basis of their interest and performance.
Training :
From second day onwards proper training have been imparted by  an expert. In between the training children have an opportunity to play some games.
Identity card :
After registration, second day of the camp children were given an I card mentioning their name ,address, class,registration number,period of validity etc.This I .Card  will be valid till the end of march, 2009. Before giving this card children were explained about the importance use and validity of that I Card.
Invitation :
Second day of the camp we distribute invitation card to the children for their parents that they can  come on last day of the camp and see what their children have been learned during the camp.
Certificate :
A certificate is being given to every child who have been attend this training which can be helpful for them in future.
Gift :
Every child is being given a small gift to encourage them and sustain their learning through the camp. However we have selected 5 best children from each subject but never announced those names. We just kept their name is our file for future action.
Cultural programme & Exhibition :
During the second half of the fifth and last day of the camp cultural programme and exhibition have been organised. In exhibition we exhibited paintings which were made by children during camp and several other materials which they have prepared under the training of craft. During cultural programme children have performed play which they learned in their theater class. Similarly many children who have participated in creative writing training they have spoken about their story poetry and other experiences too.
For documentation a report of each camp is being submitted by every expert and camp coordinator. Number of photographs have also been taken out for this purpose. Materials developed in camp have also kept safely for documentation purpose.
Follow-up Action :
Once the camp is over it is very important to think that whatever children have learnt in camp should be continued. We are giving an opportunity to the children who have received training in theater to perform a play in next camp organised in another school.