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Application Form-2011

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What We Do
As we are an organization that works for extracurricular activities of children, it is important to know what extracurricular activities are and what the advantages of it are.

Extracurricular Activities are activities performed by children that fall outside their realm of the normal curriculum of school.

  • It can empower children to make their own decision and help them gain vital experience and skills to lead them on the path of their future.
  • Increases Childs confidence level and teach them responsibilities and discipline.
  • Helps them learn about things outside their own environment.
  • Enhance their lives and give them pride in themselves.
  • Helps children to develop socially, emotionally scholastically and physically.
  • It can in turn pave the way to their future goals, dreams, activities and in some cases career.
  • It also helps to learn teamwork, time management and co-operation among children.